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Amazon Wish List

If you would like to support us by buying something tangible to use at one of our events we have set up an Amazon Wish List. This features a wide selection of items needed both for networking events, and our volunteer staff. By buying something off this list you can be sure you are providing something that will really make a difference.

Your support is truly appreciated so if you purchase something on the Amazon Wish List please do email us at so we can thank you (we don’t automatically get your details from Amazon).

Preferred delivery address: Media Tower Limited, Office M6, Maidstone Old Library, St Faiths Street, Maidstone, ME14 1LH, United Kingdom. Thank you.

Lighting is the most important element when it comes to shooting videos. Bad light can ruin a perfect live performance as lowered image quality makes live video viewers to switch over to another content. This LED light set (or similar) is #1 on our “wish list” and will make both our live videos and presenters more professional, more colourful and engaging.

Existing solution: none (we rely on Sony® 4K / 12MP CMOS sensor of our Mevo Plus)


Thank You 🙂

Good sound is another “Must Have” for any video. We can’t stress this enough. The RODE VideoMic Pro is #2 in our Wish List and is a true shotgun microphone designed for use with camcorders, DSLR cameras and portable audio recorders as a source of primary and reference audio.

Existing solution: iPhone mic or Blue Yeti (if we can safely put the cables on the floor)


Thank You 🙂

Times by times the event hall can become really warm and we tend to compensate this effect with opening the windows. The side effect of having open windows is occasional loud and disturbing outside noise. Another problem with open windows is disturbing wind breeze that some of our guests are not fond of. This or similar air conditioner (without a hose as we prefer to have closed windows) should be able to solve the problem of too hot premises and will allow us and our guests to have even more pleasant event experience.

Existing solution: none (we rely on occasionally open windows)


Thank You 🙂

You can’t drink coffee all the time and times by times we all want some nice hot tea. This (or similar) hot water dispenser will solve our problem of running out of hot water in short amounts of times before we have a chance to refill a thermal jug flask (or both flasks) in the kitchen.

Existing solution: 2 litre thermal jug flasks are given to us by the kitchen staff


Thank You 🙂

Blackmagic Design Web Presenter allows to  converts any SDI or HDMI source to USB webcam video in 720p HD format. This is a perfect solution to stream best possible quality videos from most semi-professional, professional or DSLR cameras to Facebook without worrying that bright powerpoint presentations times by times are not readable. Another great feature: Web Presenter allows to switch up-to 3 cameras (video sources) with a simple click of a button on its front panel.

Existing solution: Mevo Plus


Thank You 🙂

Teranex Mini Smart Panel will allow the BlackMagic Web Presenter to switch up-to 2 live cameras (video source inputs) with a simple click of a button on its front panel.


Thank You 🙂

Good lighting is crucial for video. We can’t stress this enough. This spotlight (or similar LED spotlight solution) will make our live videos brighter, more colourful and even more enjoyable.

Existing solution: none (we rely on Sony® 4K / 12MP CMOS sensor of our Mevo Plus)


Thank You 🙂

To be added to the wish list:

  • Dual Flag Pole Holder
  • Great Britain Flag
  • Latvia Flag
  • 2 Flag Poles
  • 5GHz Router with Sim Card
  • Ubiquiti Nanostation loco M2
  • Sponsors and auction items for annual fundraiser
  • Printing costs for brochure
  • Media/PR services
  •  Office supplies (paper, pencils, markers)
  •  Coffee/tea paper cups

Other ways of supporting Latvian Chamber?

Would you like to support our growth financially? That is amazing! Thank you – you are awesome!!

How can I support Latvian Chamber anonymously? If you choose to support Latvian Chamber financially, your name will be recorded by our accountant. We might publish a list of supporters at some time in order to say “Thank You” publicly to people and organisations who support us, unless a person or organisation chooses to remain anonymous. Please add “Anonymous Donation” or just “Anonymous” as the reference if you choose to remain anonymous.

Account: Latvian Chamber
Bank: Natwest
Sort code: 60-60-08
Account number: 56304390

Reference: “Support” or Purpose we should use your financial support

Thank You for Your Support!

Additional Amazon Wish List

This is an additional list of things we would love to test and probably at some point we will purchase them.

Your support is truly appreciated and does help us to get to the next level even earlier than planned. Please, if you do purchase anything on the Amazon Wish List, please do email us at so we can thank you – and will most definitely will do so.

Shure MV51 Microphone

One of the biggest problems in filming live gigs is recording good quality sound. This is the item #1 on our additional Amazon “wish list” and this microphone will be connected to our Mevo Plus camera.

Existing solution: we record audio via iPhone as the built-in Mevo audio microphone is the weakest point for this amazing live streaming camera.


Thank You 🙂

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